The Team

Dr Kay Franks

Oral Health Therapist, Lecturer in Oral Health Therapy, Senior Smiles educator

Kay Franks is a lecturer and clinical tutor in the Bachelor of Oral Therapy program at the University of Newcastle and a founding member of the Senior Smiles education team.  A registered Oral Health Therapist with more than 39 years clinical and management experience in various locations throughout New South Wales, Kay holds a PhD in Oral Health, a Master of Educational Studies, a Bachelor of Oral Health (Newcastle), a Diploma in Business Management and a Certificate of Dental Therapy. Kay has research in oral health and diet and nutrition identifying that education in this can have a positive effect on preventing dental disease. Kay has presenter her research at national and international conferences and is recognised for her award-winning international oral health posters. 

Kay is a founding member of the Senior Smiles team, working as a Senior Smiles practitioner in several Facilities on the NSW, Central Coast, delivering the Senior Smiles model during 2015. Kay is committed to educating competent and ethical oral health therapists, improving oral health for the elderly in an appropriate preventive model of care and raising he profile of oral health. A team player and passionate educator Kay works with A/Prof Janet Wallace and Mrs. Sarah Griffiths, delivering Senior Smiles training and education for qualified oral health practitioners Australia wide.

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