The Team

Dr. Linda Wallace

Dental Hygienist, Lecturer in Oral Health (Dental Hygiene)

Linda Wallace is a registered Dental Hygienist and has worked in the dental profession for over 35 years including a ‘stint’ in the Royal Australian Airforce. After defending the country for 6 years Linda returned home to Newcastle to work in the private dental sector. In 1994, Linda moved to the public dental sector which offered her the opportunity to develop her interest in special needs dentistry, aged care, and oral health promotion. During her time at Hunter New England Health, Linda worked with Dr Peter King to develop and implement the ‘Smiles Alive’ program with an aim to improve the oral health of nursing home patients. In 2007 she joined the University of Newcastle as a Lecturer in Oral Health and completed her PhD in 2017. Linda coordinates the course that places Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy students in Residential Aged Care Facilities in the Senior Smiles model of care. A valued Senior Smiles team member, Linda provided input for the program in the very early days of development. Linda is currently serving as a committee member for the Australian Society of Special Care in Dentistry.

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