The Team

Mr. Baden Hunter

Lead Oral Health Therapist

Baden Hunter has a Bachelor of Oral Health (Hygiene) from the University of Newcastle, a Diploma in Dental Therapy, and a Bachelor of Health Sciences, Honours degree. Baden has extensive experience working in both the public and private sectors for more than 20 years. In 2016, Baden began working in his first position as a Senior Smiles, Oral Health Therapist situated on the NSW, Central Coast. Baden is currently the lead oral health therapist, he has provided on-site training for five new Senior Smiles practitioners across Hunter New England, Central Coast and Sydney areas.  Dedicated to providing residents living in residential aged care facilities with appropriate and timely preventive oral health care, Baden works with local public and private dentists and prosthetists to ensure his residents receive the best possible care. Baden has been a clinical tutor at the University of Newcastle and has strong connections with the oral health academic team and works in private practice at a family dental practice at Mona Vale.  Baden is respected and valued by his patients, his residents, and the residential aged care facility staff.

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