The Team

Mrs. Lindy Metcalf

Dental Hygienist/Clinical Tutor (Dental Hygiene)

Lindy Metcalf graduated from the University of Newcastle, Bachelor of Oral Health program (Hygiene) in 2012, after graduation she worked in a prestigious private dental practice on the NSW Central Coast for 5 years before joining the Senior Smiles phase II research and operational team in 2017.  Currently based at two Facilities in the Entrance and Bateau Bay area on the NSW Central Coast, Lindy is committed and passionate about her Senior Smiles role. Advocating for residents, educating staff and carers Lindy has developed strong bonds between oral health the residential aged care facilities. Lindy has completed the MOOC Dementia Course from the University of Tasmania and is also a clinical tutor in dental hygiene at the University of Newcastle.

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