The Team

Ms. Lexie McLaren

Dental Therapist, Conjoint Lecturer in Oral Health (Dental Therapy)

Lexie McLaren has a Certificate of Dental Therapy and a Graduate Certificate in the Practice of Tertiary Teaching, with over 40 years’ experience as a clinician in public and private pediatric dental clinics in NSW, Lexie has also been a clinical tutor at the University of Sydney. Lexie joined the University of Newcastle, Discipline of Oral Health, as a Conjoint Lecturer, in 2016 to work within the student placement program in Residential Aged Care Facilities.  Lexie has completed numerous courses about dementia, cognitive impairment, and management of patients with these challenging diseases. Lexie has developed a love of teaching and oral health of the elderly, supporting students to achieve competence in health promotion and clinical dental therapy. Working with the Senior Smiles team Lexie is a valued team member and an advocate for preventive oral health care for the elderly, especially those with cognitive impairment.

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