Caring for Dentures Poster

16 July 2020
  1. Complete hand hygiene
  2. Disinfect dentures in Steradent or similar denture cleaning solution for 20-30mins
  3. Prepare a clean flat surface for the labelling procedure. Use the sterile field from a dressing pack or similar to create a clean flat field.
  4. Gather the items needed for use, whilst the denture is in the disinfectant solution:
    1. Single use abrasive pad x 1
    2. Single use led pencil x 1
    3. 4 single use micro-brush or similar applicator
    4. Clear sealant/varnish
  5. After disinfecting the denture pat dry the appliance and place on your prepared barrier
  6. Apply gloves and select a flat surface on the denture that is not visible when the denture is being worn. E.g. above upper molars or inside of lower molars.
  7. Using the “single use abrasive pad, “scuff” a small area. This is where you will write the name or initial of the resident
  8. Using the “single use pencil” – Neatly write the residents preferred name, or identifiable initial.
  9. Open the clear sealant/varnish. Using the single use applicators – dip into the sealant and apply 2 layers of clear varnish onto the marked area. NB: Do not “double dip” into the sealant. Dip applicator into the sealant, apply to the denture, discard applicator – repeat until covered.
  10. Allow to air dry and disinfect dentures in Steradent or similar denture cleaning solution
  11. Try for comfort in the resident’s mouth.
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